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The Faculty of Science was founded in 1980-1981, just two years after the establishment of the Islamic university-Gaza. At inauguration, the faculty five departments (Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Geology) and later new departments were introduced (Medical technology, Computer, Environmental and Earth Sciences and Biochemistry).

During the school year 2002, the faculty launched new departments (Information Technology, Optometry, and Math/Statistics).

Later on, the faculty of science had established the Information Technology Faculty which included both IT and Computer departments.

The university worked diligently to provide the faculty with the best laboratories necessary for student teaching, training and research.

The faculty has set its goals to provide the community with quality graduates capable of positively interacting and contributing in all available fields (Education, environment, industry, medical technology and health sector).

In order for to join a specific department at the faculty, the student should successfully pass the first year courses that are required by that department with the required average set by the department.