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The Physics Department at the Islamic University of the richest sections of the Faculty of Science, where faculty members and potential laboratory, the first section was opened at the Faculty of Science, and the section provides advice to science in the technology industry and community service in addition to the graduation of a number of outstanding students who have completed their higher studies in Arab universities and foreign .

The department continued to develop itself by attracting scientific talent and scholarship some of its members to international universities. Proceeding from the fact that a graduate of the most important pillars of development in terms of promoting scientific research, the department has QR opening master's program in the academic year 1998 - 1999 for the recognition of the importance of this program from the Gaza Strip, especially the beloved Palestine in general and summarized in the following points:

1.     Developing the capacity of teachers in terms of scientific and practical.

2.     Training of Palestinian cadres on scientific research.

3.     provide an opportunity for students in Palestine to improve their academic costs of a few

4.     helping to solve many of the problems facing Palestinian society, especially in the field of industry, environment and agriculture.

5.     lack of universities in Palestine for such a program.

6.     open the field of scientific research and joint supervision between the Islamic University and the Universities of Palestine.

7.     Cooperation with international research centers and foreign universities, the Arab contribution to the development of Palestinian society .