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          Due to the new developments in Palestine there are many concerns have encouraged the Islamic University to study the needs of the society for earth; & environmental scientists.

          The lack of environmental & geological studies in Palestine makes the establishment of this department as one of the top priorities of the Islamic University policy.


Objectives of the department:

1. Contributing in solving the environmental problems.

2. Providing the society with the specialists in this field.

3. Contributing in establishing environmental culture.

4. Improving, developing & protecting the environment.

5. Providing the area with geological & environmental studies.

6. Holding training courses in the environmental fields.

7. Finding ways for sustainable use of the natural resources.

8. Supporting the environmental and geological researches

9. Raising the public awareness.

10.Studies on natural wealth in Palestine.


Environmental and geological Problems in Palestine

1. Air pollution

2. Ground water pollution.

3. Coastal & sea water pollution.

4. Soil salination.

5. Soil degradation.

6. Possible radioactive hazards.

7. Desertification.

8. Coastal degradation.

9. Water storage & salination.

Courses & Requirements:

          The student must finish; 143 credit hours and 2 uncredit hours to be granted the degree of B.Sc. in Environment & Earth Sciences. These include:

          University Requirements: 37 credit hours and 2 uncridit hours.

          Faculty requirements: 35 credit hours.

          Department requirements: 71 credit hours