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Students of department
- Has a medical analysis laboratory at the Islamic University in all the requirements for the testing process for students from materials and glassware and the balance date, accurate and flame and modern equipment to serve all medical examinations, which will deal with most of the students when they graduate.

- Laboratory serves five computers connected to the Internet.

- Research for graduate students conducted by giving the child subject and the desired goal is achieved as assistance from the supervisor in the testing process and provide all necessary resources to conduct research. And is displayed by the student and then discussed by the faculty members and specialists from outside the university.

- Two students are trained in the third and fourth in the second quarter according to the agenda set for them and for a month in the laboratory section to increase their operation.

- The student spends a period of training is mandatory for a period of three months in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health after the completion of graduation requirements for a bachelor's degree and is followed by a teacher seconded from the department to oversee the training.