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Chairperson Speech

Medical Laboratory Sciences department is one of the most important medical specialties where usually divided into four areas: medical microbiology, clinical biochemistry, hematology, blood transfusion, histology and pathological cells.
- Medical Microbiology to examine the microorganisms that cause diseases, which introduces students to methods of isolation and identification of these microbes in order to diagnose and treat properly.
- In clinical biochemistry Viarafon on ways to measure and monitor changes in the human body in case of illness.
- The diseases that infect red blood cells, white and platelets, such as anemia and leukemia are the subject of study in hematology.
As the science of blood transfusion on safe methods for the transfer of blood and its components from blood donors to the needy.
- The science of tissue cells and studying the pathological changes in tissues and cells in the case of the disease.
The forks on the four tracks above decisions of the more specialized studied by students as they progress in the plan, but he knows Microbiology Branch inherently interdisciplinary science of viruses, bacteria and science, and Parasitology, and Mycology.
The science of immunology, which has become specialized for a separate micro-organisms, means to study the immune system and the various responses.
The molecular diagnostics shall be considered the latest advances in disease diagnosis, which reveal the techniques of molecular biology of disease-causing genes in the tissues and cells and body fluids, also reveal the genetic structure in certain medical conditions.
From here you can say that the Clinical Laboratory Sciences aimed to study methods of disease detection and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up properly.
The student may wonder why I am a specialist medical laboratories?
In order to answer to say that the profession of specialist medical laboratories are modern and emerging profession and ensure the financial income is fixed.
Valmokhtbrat current medical become more complicated than those laboratories which found ten years ago, while advancing new discoveries and develop scientific knowledge of the role of the researcher continues to change and expand scientific research.
Now we can see the impact for the future of medical tests, advanced role in the diagnosis of health problems such as cancer caused by birth defects.
Overall, the career specialist medical laboratories are in fact a profession that combines the magic of science and technology and service to others.
The Department of Medical Laboratory Science at the Islamic University seeks to graduate specialists in medical analysis Mtmitien able to promote the profession, as well as be able to continue their higher studies in prestigious universities in the world.
In conclusion, I wish success to all our students in all their departments and colleges and universities
And I commend to them to fear God and recruitment of human sciences with benefit.

Ahmed Sh. Silmi
Head of Medical Laboratory Sciences department