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About Department

Was the opening of Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences at the Islamic University in 1992-1991 and so out of concern the university to provide community services through addressing issues which concern them and by developing expertise sound smart for workers in the field of medical tests and graduation specialist cadres in this field and has begun to section nine students and a student one in 1991 and now teaches in the Department of Medical Science laboratory approximately one hundred and fifty students.
And has accompanied this development in the number of students a kind of development where the department to provide laboratory quality devices have also been appointed a number of highly qualified teachers. Section won the confidence and the Ministry of Health, and demonstrated students graduates and graduates section than the level of medical tests and during the train in the laboratories of the ministry, prompting the Ministry of Health to recruit a large number of them.
Over the period of time before replacement is most important sites in the Ministry of Health Department of graduates of medical laboratory science from the Islamic University in order to distinguish these graduates level of outstanding scientific and cultural perspective in the analysis of the situation and to follow developments and discoveries in the fields of medicine.
It also works graduates in various fields including, for the male: Medical Laboratory of the Ministry of Health and private medical laboratories and laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, various biological factories as factories milk.
Be accepted at the Department of floating laboratory for medical students Faculty of Science, after the completion of the first chapter and an end to a general chemistry courses and neighborhoods in general that a student has obtained a rate of 70% or above in these courses.
Can also join the graduate department graduate programs where graduates can join the section masters program in medical tests under the terms of enrollment.